Day camp room is full of happy children, watching, listening and giggling as a good-hearted entertainer discovers the secret to taking care of his teeth...

THE F.A.C.T.S Show

Friendship, Art, Caring, Trust, and Sharing program that shows kids through variety entertainment the benefits of friendship and how to interact with one another. 


Summer Camp for kids is about new experience, unique activities, and having fun. And what better way to do that than to have a comedic balloon show that...

Art & Comedy of Inflation

This show interjects fun into a community event, and its flexibility allows the Park District to use this show for special neighborhood events that require...

  • Full Stage Production
  • Audience Participation
  • Choreographed Balloon Twisting to Music
  • Sound System. Lighting & Professional Backdrop
  • Large Balloon Sculptures Created on Stage
  • Poster & Write-up to Promote the Show
  • Photo opportunity too!

All shows include