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  • Have the children remember to “brush at least twice a day.”
  • Teach the children not to use their teeth to open things, etc
  • Show that dental hygiene can be fun and easy

Day camp room is full of happy children, watching, listening and giggling as a good hearted entertainer discovers the secret to taking care of his teeth.

This is fantastic. I can imagine this in your class


40 Minute Educational Magic Show
Audience Participation
Entertaining Educational Format
Professional Backdrop & Props
Kids Get a Free Tooth Brush
Designed to Complement Dental Health Month

I Bring Everything

Park Districts Will Creates Big Healthy Smiles This February

This is a completely self-contained show. Backdrop, table, props, etc. are included. All you need to do is provide the audience and the space.

Educational Outcome Expectations: 

Comedy, Participation, And A Theme

The show consists of magic that intertwines comedy, audience participation, dental hygiene, and Park Districts mission statement of a fun, carefree environment for the children, where they can learn and grow.

Dental Hygienist Approved

Hello Camp Director,

Imaginations soar wildly as magical props appear and volunteers interact in the teaching of the basic usage of a toothbrush, paste, and floss. Your ears detect a balance between educational information and good-humored entertainment.