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Attention Rec Supervisors...

What Do You Get...

Photo opportunities after the show capture the moment for all involved as parents huddle around the large balloon creations that were created on stage during the show.

Which parents love to share with family and friends on their Facebook page.

Struggling to find a family show, tired of the same old acts, need a show that works inside or outside, frustrated with unprofessional entertainers then keep reading as your solution is here below.


How To Get People To Talk About Your Event is where Rec Supervisors come to find a professional, family-friendly and unique show that captivates audiences young and old. Our goal is to provide the highest quality entertainment to Park Districts resulting in a great show experience.

Inside or Outside  

"He's very funny, great with an audience, and creates amazing things from balloons. We'll definitely have him back, so just passing along the recommendation! - Sandy Chevalier, Superintendent of Recreations, Tinley Park - Park District.
Turn the house lights off and hear the oohs and aahs from the audience as glowing balloons twirl about the room.

​Black light works in most environments. It only requires the lowering of lights, but the darker you can make it, the more dramatic the effect for the audience.

If You Can Flip A Switch, You Can Wow An Audience


  • 45-minute family-friendly show.
  • Kids and teachers become stars of the show.​
  • Choreographed balloon routines to upbeat music.
  • Professional PA Sound System to ensure a full audience experience.​
  • Stunning blacklight presentation that wow’s an audience.
  • Colorful 5′ foot balloon sculptures created on stage.
  • Theatrical backdrop setting to enhance the audience viewing experience.
  • Colored 8×10 customize poster listing your event details
  • A write-up to use for promoting the show.
  • Photo Opportunity After the Show where the audience is encouraged to take pictures with large sculptures and to share on social media.
  • School keeps large balloon sculptures to decorate the school.
The Art of Inflation interjects fun into an event, and its flexibility allows park district directors to use this show for special events that require a great family-friendly show that gets an audience laughing. Twisted silliness and creativity is not just left to the kids- parents are involved too!

A great family-friendly show

Engaging families that attend the Park District: Put a TWIST of fun into your event

Imaginations soar when the audience watches an ordinary balloon transform into an extraordinary animal, shape or figure. Just as a good book captivates the minds of its readers, Dale’s balloon show uses art and comedy to capture an audience's imagination.

With every twist of the wrist, a swirl of a balloon and funny pun uttered, Dale, captivates an audience like a Pied Piper playing a tune.

The audience is swept away by the balloon twisting choreography, the audience relaxes and enjoys the moment. Tranquility sets in; knowing that behind every twist and joke is a veteran entertainer ensuring that the unexpected pop will not deflate the fun.

The silence is broken with children laughing as they sit, watching Dale’s co-star’s reaction as Dale inflates a balloon through their head, making for a priceless moment. Parents appreciate going to the park district and interacting with creative people like Dale. Combining our efforts we create an experience that makes going to a park district event fun.